Telco Grade Network Densification & Edge Capabilities

Citybeacon offers Telco Grade Intelligent Infrastructure that supports your network densification, location sharing and neutral host solutions. Our Edge capabilities inside the units offer a pathway to OPENRAN/SDN as well as compute power to built a grid of intelligent hubs and connected infrastructure like light poles.

Modular Hardware

Our hardware platform comprises a range of base models that carry a rich set of options that can be embedded like charging capability for scooters, cars, phones.


CityBeacon Platform & OS: Intelligent Engagement 

Whether looking for city information,  touristic hotspots, maps, timetables on public transport, taxi's or simply in need of a WIFI connection or make a phone call, CityBeacons are you go-to point! Choose from a library of applications to provision your relevant services or develop your own using our SDK.


CityBeacons are controlled by a powerful secure management platform allowing you to digitize current services  and built new future services to bring hyperlocal relevance in and around our hubs. Optionally we offer a contextually aware CMS to power your signage networks or targeted marketing efforts intelligently.

Citybeacons help transform cities into smart and connected cities

CityBeacons provide relevant contextual content and drive interaction, bringing people and city closer together. As the platform is tiered, contextual relevance of information is high and responses measurable. Below is our story: