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Complete Solution or mature building block

We can offer the complete solution to fit your needs including location scouting , permits, installation, connectivity and linking your content (partners) and ecosystem of partners. CityBeacons come as a bundled Solution: CityBeacons, Mobile City Explorer App and Management Platform.


CityBeacons are controlled by a powerful infotainment and content management platform. National Level, State/Province, City Level and even local venue level access controls help provide high relevance to local audience and partners while giving nationwide network opportunity to others.

Omnichannel Reach

CityBeacons truly converge the Physical, Online and Mobile worlds. Seamless integration of content channels across CityBeacon, Mobile and Kiosk Apps.

CityBeacons and Smartcity Operations Management System

Whether looking for city information,  touristic hotspots, maps, timetables on public transport, taxi's or simply in need of a WIFI connection or make a phone call, CityBeacons are you go-to point!

Citybeacons help transform cities into smart and connected cities
CityBeacons form a connected smart infotainment grid throughout the cities connecting people and information providers in a simple but advanced way. CityBeacons provide relevant contextual content and drive interaction, bringing people and city closer together.
As the platform is tiered, contextual relevance of information is high and responses measurable.

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About Us Who We Are

CityBeacon Inc. is a company that supports cities, real estate developers and communications companies reduce fragmentation of infrastructures in cities by providing state-of-the-art technology wrapped in appealing formfactors. It helps cities transform into smart and connected cities. CityBeacon offers a wealth of hard and software features providing secure, reliable connectivity methods combined with relevant contextual content to enable citizens, tourist and cities to truly connect and interact.

A Little About Us

  • We are creative
  • We love what we do
  • We are a team
  • We are powered by inspiration
  • We are not afraid of mistakes
  • We are learning every day
  • We want to change the world
  • We believe in an open approach towards cities

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